New vaccines and delivery methods provide opportunities to protect more animals

Prediction & Diagnosis

Big data analysis for earlier decision-making


Advances in digital monitoring improving animal care


Novel approaches are making feed more sustainable while improving health


New tools to help control pain, inflammation and infections improve well-being

From the very first vaccines to today’s smart solutions, we are constantly looking for the best ways to help veterinarians, farmers and animal owners care for their animals. [View our Timeline of Animal Health Innovation].

Maintaining a balance in the relationship between animals, people and the environment is important for our future. Innovative animal health solutions can help farmers focus on raising animals in a caring and more environmentally sustainable way.

Connected animal health is about linking all the aspects of veterinary care with more holistic farm management and consolidating information from many different spheres of the animal’s world to give a more complete picture of their health.

This site outlines some of latest advances in animal health that are playing a central role in making these connections. You can explore some examples by category above, and you can also search on how the different tools can help deliver on key EU Farm to Fork and Green Deal objectives as well as UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Precision feeding

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Pre- and pro-biotic molecules added to animal feed can prevent disease and target specific health challenges, such as mastitis in cows or vibriosis in aquaculture.

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Genomic prediction

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Phytogenic feed additives

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Monoclonal antibodies

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Novel feeds

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