Using sensing technologies and smart machines, precision livestock feeding aims to match nutrient supply precisely with the nutrient requirements of individual animals, based on real-time feedback from the sensors.

Sensor data allows for precise estimation of nutrient requirements of each animal in real-time, to be delivered immediately to that animal by a capable machine. Precision livestock feeding can help improve resource use efficiencies for the farmer, ensure better economic returns, and help to reduce excretion to the environment, while ensuring good nutrition of the animals.

Delivering on Farm to Fork

  • Animal welfare
  • 50% reduction of antibiotics sales
  • 25% organic farming

Delivering on Green Deal

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate neutrality
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Eliminating pollution

Delivers on SDGs

#1. No Poverty
#2. Zero Hunger
#8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
#12. Responsible Consumption and Production
#13. Climate Action
#15. Life on Land