Pre- and pro-biotic molecules added to animal feed can prevent disease and target specific health challenges, such as mastitis in cows or vibriosis in aquaculture.

Combining different elements in feed can provide multiple, direct benefits ranging from increased immunity, to reduced gut bacteria and a more balanced digestive system. Not only does this benefit animal health and welfare, but it can also mean a reduced need to use antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

Use of probiotics also supports efficient feed conversion ratio, resulting in an increase in daily live weight gain, which is achieved through a natural physiological way and improvement of digestion by balancing the resident gut microflora.

Delivering on Farm to Fork

  • Animal welfare
  • 50% reduction of antibiotics sales
  • 25% organic farming

Delivering on Green Deal

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate neutrality
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Eliminating pollution

Delivers on SDGs

#1. No Poverty
#2. Zero Hunger
#8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
#12. Responsible Consumption and Production
#13. Climate Action
#15. Life on Land