Thermal cameras can help the farmer spot the first signs of elevated temperature which could be an indicator of inflammation or ill health.

Take dairy cows for example. Inflammation in the cow’s udders can be a sign of mastitis, the most common disease in dairy cattle that can be treated very easily if diagnosed in an early stage. It is usually identified by a rise in temperature in the udder caused by increased blood flow, a common sign of inflammation. Thanks to these thermal monitoring technologies the farmer can spot tell-tale signs earlier on and allow for diagnosis and targeted treatments as necessary. This means improved animal health and welfare, as well as enhanced access to important data for the farmer. It also means fewer losses as less milk will be discarded when illness is taken care of earlier.

Delivering on Farm to Fork

  • Animal welfare
  • 50% reduction of antibiotics sales

Delivering on Green Deal

  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable agriculture

Delivers on SDGs

#1. No Poverty
#2. Zero Hunger
#3. Good health and Well-being
#8. Decent Work and Economic Growth