The smart design of animal accommodation such as pens and barns can support biosecurity. An important and effective measure to prevent and control the introduction of diseases on a farm, biosecurity is about the use of tools, strategies and management practices to control and lessen biological risks.

High negative air pressure for example, similar to clean rooms in hospitals, can create a controlled environment. And systems to monitor heat and ventilation, alongside health monitoring and surveillance technologies, can also ensure optimum conditions on farm for improved well-being.

Sanitation means both for people and equipment, storage solutions for feed and medicines, and distribution systems for water, etc. all form part of modern biosecurity measures alongside good animal husbandry for improved animal health and welfare.

Delivering on Farm to Fork

  • Animal welfare
  • 50% reduction of antibiotics sales
  • 25% organic farming

Delivering on Green Deal

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate neutrality
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Eliminating pollution

Delivers on SDGs

#1. No Poverty
#2. Zero Hunger
#3. Good health and Well-being
#8. Decent Work and Economic Growth